Friday 20 January

A Winter’s Tale

A fairy story of lost & found – with jealous furies, an abandoned baby, a sheep shearing feast and The Bear! At the heart of this company’s work there is a passion for bringing together people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy Shakespeare’s amazing plays.
Presteigne Assembly Rooms 7.30pm
Tickets £10 & £5 Reservations 01597 811487 & on the door
Promoted by the Willow Globe Company

Sunday 5 February

The Velvet Violin


First of a new season of musical cabarets featuring Boodica Boogaloo, The Ancient Mariner and The
Monster Nanker/Phelge Music Quiz.
Presteigne Assembly Rooms 7pm
Tickets £12 Courtyard Antiques & 01544 267163 Promoted by Full Circle

Saturday 11 February

Marilyn by Theatre Rue


Marilyn brings to life the real woman behind the mask
of one of the best known & loved film stars. Although her fame rests largely on her image as the sexy, dumb blonde, in this starkly confessional one woman show, written by Gwynne Edwards, she tells of her struggle to reconcile herself, her craft & her genius to the demands made by lovers, teachers, directors & her fellow actors.
Presteigne Assembly Rooms 8pm
£10/ £5 Courtyard Antiques, The Workhouse &
Two multi-skilled performers of great virtuosity, charm and resourcefulness. They are wonderful. The Times

Friday 17 February



Formed by a multi-national collective with a common love for African music, Mankala’s sound is greatly influenced by a variety of styles, from the joyous sounds of Soukous and Township to the hypnotic grooves of Afro-Beat and the Desert Blues, forging an original high energy African fusion music with a distinctive style.
Presteigne Assembly Rooms 8pm
Tickets £10 Courtyard Antiques, The Workhouse &

Wednesday 1 March

St David’s Day Celebration


Sunday 5 March

The Velvet Violin


The Dirty Bourbon River Show deftly melds sounds that range from hard-edged blues to Lisztian piano, driven ballads to New Orleans brass.The result is a blast of truly new energy in the musical landscape. Their live shows pair exuberant, syncopated lyrics with complex, harmony-rich songwriting and orchestration. They switch instruments mid-show (sometimes even mid-song), they all sing (except the drummer, of course) and they all have a penchant for theatrics (fireballs, group chants and stomps, whiskey pours!)
Presteigne Assembly Rooms 7pm
Tickets £15 from Courtyard Antiques & 01544 267163
Promoted by Full Circle

Saturday 11 March

Spring Sale

Vintage ◆ Collectables ◆ Jumble ◆ Refresments
Presteigne Assembly Rooms 10am – 3pm
Entry £1 In aid of Shelter & Help Refugees
Promoted by Kate Bull & Sabina Ruber

Sunday 12 March

In Conversation with the Past


A film portrait of Clun’s famous character Bill Lock by artist filmmaker Nicola Lane. Bill Lock was born deaf in 1910 into a well-known Romany family who travelled throughout the Borders and Shropshire. The Lock family settled in Clun in the 1950s and Bill became an
important part of the community. Nicola’s film celebrates Bill’s long life and the vanished world in which he lived.
Presteigne Assembly Rooms 3pm
Tickets £7 Courtyard Antiques, The Workhouse &

Saturday 18 March

Tony McManus


Hailing from Scotland, but currently residing in Canada, Tony has come to be recognised throughout the world as one of the leading guitarists in Celtic Music. An evening with Tony includes not only superlative guitar playing, but also a few songs and plenty of entertaining banter.
Presteigne Assembly Rooms 8pm
Tickets £12 Courtyard Antiques, The Workhouse &

Sunday 26 March

Cinema in Context

L’Avventura by Michelangelo Antonio at first met with derision, then praise and astonishing success. In 1961, critics voted it best film of the year. Along with a handful of similarly striking films it had an enormous influence on other filmmakers. The film editor, Tony Lawson will place the film in context and then screen this classic.
Presteigne Assembly Rooms 7pm
Tickets on the door £6 Bar

Saturday 8 April

Ensonglopedia of Science
by Tangram Theatre Company

A song about science for every letter of the alphabet. Expect Atoms, Big Bangs and Cells. Expect X-rays, Y-chromosomes and plenty of Zoology. Expect the unexpected. And expect it to rhyme! This is the brand new show by John Hinton, multi-award-winning writer and performer of the Scientrilogy of musical comedies about Darwin, Einstein and Curie. Show suitable for ages 7+
Presteigne Assembly Rooms 8pm
Tickets £10 & £5 from Courtyard Antiques, The Workhouse


Saturday 22 April

Dila V & The Odd Beats


Fronted by Dila Vardar’s bewitching vocals,The Odd Beats unfailingly deliver an exuberant and intercontinental sonic journey. Their Bosporus-straddling blend of Turkish folk, psychedelic flair and irresistible Balkan dance beats comes with sinuous hints of Greek Rebetiko amongst other exhilarating influences from all over the place. Get ready to shake your hips on the dance floor with this eccentric and exceptionally cool multi-national musical family.
Presteigne Assembly Rooms 8pm
Tickets £12 Courtyard Antiques, The Workhouse &

Sunday 14 May

Swift Conservation Talk by Peta Sams


Inspirational and informative talk about the importance of providing habit and food sources for the much loved swift, whose numbers have declined by 30% over the last decade. Information about work elsewhere in the UK and across Europe, and some amazing success stories.
Presteigne Assembly Rooms 3pm
Tickets £5 Courtyard Antiques, The Workhouse &