Sunday 21 October

The Velvet Violin

whiskey 2Cabaret with Whiskey Moon Face and the Ivan Moult Band
plus the Randy Newman Quiz.
The Assembly Rooms, Presteigne.
Tickets £12 from Courtyard Antiques, Presteigne or 01544 267163

Wednesday 31 October

Mexican Day of the Dead


Saturday 3 November

Me and My Friends



Sunday 11 November

A Spanish Hour Ravel’s L’heure espagnole

spanish small womanMid Wales Opera’s SmallStages perform Ravel’s exhilarating one-act clock shop comedy, A Spanish Hour. With five singers and four musicians, and bursting with hummable tunes and buzzing habaneras, join Concepción and her lovers as the temperatures rise…
In the second half, musicians and singers come together to produce an eclectic and entertaining taste of Spain, with some old favourites and new delights for audiences to enjoy.
Presteigne Assembly Rooms 7.30pm
Tickets £12 The Workhouse &

Saturday 17 November

Ensonglopedia of Animals

ensongoThis is the brand new show from John Hinton, multi-award- winning creator of the Scientrilogy of musical comedies. It features twenty-six animal songs, one for each letter of the alphabet. Get to grips with fascinating facts about extraordinary echinoderms, distressed damselflies, crazy corals, batty birds and amazing arachnids.
Expect the unexpected. And expect it to rhyme.
Brilliant! ✴✴✴✴✴
Suitable for ages 5 to 105
Presteigne Assembly Rooms 7.30pm
Tickets £10/£6 The Workhouse &

Sunday 25 November

The Velvet Violin


Cabaret with Remi Harris (the best jazz guitarist in Britain today ) and the stunning songs and and vocals of Aussie queen of soul of Nuala Honan, plus The Quiz.
Presteigne Assembly Rooms
7.30pm Tickets £12 Courtyard
Antiques, Presteigne or
01544 267163

Sunday 2 December

ad small hocjpgAd Hoc Theatre : The Unkindest Cut &
The Confessions of Jon-Jak Crusoe

Written by Gareth Owen
Two tragi-comedies performed by Peter Hayter and Gareth Owen
Presteigne Assembly Rooms
7.30pm Tickets £12 on the door or 07341924466
Promoted by Ad Hoc Theatre Company

Saturday 15 December

guy small tortoroFull Circle Dance Night
Featuring the fabulous Californian bluesman Guy Tortora and his excellent dance band with a touch of the Ry Cooders. Expect Tex Mex , country blues and some dirty juke joint songs.
Presteigne Assembly Rooms 8pm
Tickets £12 Courtyard Antiques
Presteigne or 01544 267163
Promoted by Full Circle

Wednesday 19 December

Votes for Women!

suffra small emmalineAn illustrated presentation by Roger Curtis and friends on the fight for the female vote in Britain, with words and music of the time from Suffragettes and others. It covers the growing militancy of the movement, women’s contribution to the Great War, and the REAL reason why some women got to vote in October 1918.
Presteigne Assembly Rooms 7.30pm £8 tickets Winnies Newsagents Presteigne or
reserve 01544 262846