John Hegley again

John Hegley

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better big moon

Big Moon

Theatre Ad Infinitum

Theatre Ad Infinitum



Alex Ramsay

The Destroyers

Mid Border Arts (MBA), was founded in 1983 to encourage and promote arts activities in the Presteigne area of Mid Wales. With the help of a Lottery Grant in 1994 the Assembly Rooms in Broad Street, Presteigne, was completely refurbished.

MBA now runs this historic building as an arts venue and promotes music, drama, talks and art exhibitions.

 MBA specialises in promoting a wide range of well known international musicians as well as local professionals.

Over the last few years these have included the following:

Moishe’s Bagel ( klezmer) Angelo de Barre Quartet (gypsy) Mal Webb (Australian humorous beatbox) Karen Tweed & Diskan (folk) T. G. Collective (hot club & flamenco) Otros Aires (Argentinan tango) Harmonie Musik (wind instruments) Will Butterfield Trio (jazz piano) The Devil’s Violin (strings & story telling) Loon & Theatre Mimi (comedy & mirimbas) Big Top (original music by John Hymas) The Martin Harley Band (blues) Beverly Smith & Carl Jones (Appalachian Old Time) Mabon (Celtic roots) John Etheridge & Sweet Chorus (Django Reinhardt) Bandamania (local ceilidh band) Lavinia O’Meagher ( piano recital) The Destroyers (15 piece polka orchestra) Groanbox (American delta blues ) Pianothon (12 hours non-stop piano) Big Moon (Little Rumba & Loon collaboration) Tim Kliphuis Trio (gypsy jazz) The Budapest Café Orchestra (Balkan) Kidnap Alice (Blue grass) The Former Members (American super band) Remi Harris Trio (gypsy jazz) Lori Campbell (soulful blues) & Little Rumba (East European influences with humorous lyrics).

 Performances have included Theatre Ad Infinitum Odyssey & Translunar Paradise, John Hegley, Fetch Theatre Company Basant Lahore!  Eggs is Eggs Sea Wall, Daniel Morden Orpheus and other Greek Myths, Theatr Powys The Man Who Walked Through Walls, Elvis McGonagall One Man & his Doggerel, Puppet State Company The Man Who Planted Trees & Willow Globe Company Romeo & Juliet